Yemeni armyinfo-icon soldiers, backed by fighters from allied Popular Committees loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah movement, have killed half a dozen of Saudi Arabiainfo-icon's mercenaries in Yemeninfo-icon's Jawf and Ta'izz provinces.

According to Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah television network, Yemeni forces on Saturday managed to kill at least four mercenaries in Salah district of the southwestern province of Ta'izz, where seven more mercenaries were killed in a fight with the Yemeni troops a day before.

The Yemenis also killed two other mercenaries in Khanjar area in the northern province of Jawf.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni forces inflicted heavy damage on mercenaries' hardware and military equipment in Midi Desert in the northwestern province of Hajjah. They also managed to seize several military vehicles and some quantities of weaponsinfo-icon and ammunition from the defeated forces, two days after they launched an attack against the mercenaries' gatherings in the north of Midi.

On Friday, the Yemeni army hit a military base in the vicinity of Rahah village in Saudi Arabia's southwestern region of Jizan with a Zelzal-2 (Earthquake-2) missileinfo-icon. Citing an unnamed military official, Yemen's official Saba news agency further reported that the missile also inflicted damage on Saudi military equipment and vehicles.

Yemeni forces carry out these attacks as part of retaliatory assaults against the Saudi regime's campaign against the improvised country.

Saudi warplanes on Saturday conducted a number of airstrikes on different parts of Ta'izz and the northwestern province of Sa'ada, killing at least a woman in Ta'izz and another civilian in Sa'ada. Saba also reported that a child sustained critical injuries in an airstrike in Ta'izz.

Since March 2015, Yemen has been heavily bombarded by Saudi warplanes as part of a brutal campaign against the Arabian Peninsula country in an attempt to crush the popular Houthi movement and reinstall the former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

Nearly 3.3 million Yemeni people, including 2.1 million children, are currently suffering from acute malnutrition. Latest tallies show that the warinfo-icon has so far killed over 12,000 Yemenis and wounded thousands more. The Saudi aggression has also taken a heavy toll on the country's facilities and infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, and factories.