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    Film on Hindu-Muslim unity won top award at London Indian Film Festival

    A Billion Colour Story, which depicts harmony between Hindus and Muslims, is produced by Bollywood filmmaker Satish Kaushak and directed by Padmajumar Narasimhamurthy.

    Art and Culture
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    Chinese engineer marries female robot

    Artificial intelligence has started gaining momentum – so much so that a Chinese engineer ‘married’ a robot he created after he was unable to find a human spouse.

    Off Track
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    Nokia goes back to the future with 49 euro phone

    Nokia's newly revitalised phone business went back to the future on Sunday, re-introducing a brightly coloured version of the best-selling phone of 2000.

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    Instagram’s user base crosses 600 million

    Instagram’s user base rose to more than 600 million, the Facebook Inc owned company said on Thursday, as new features helped it gain popularity.The app added 100 million users since June.


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