Trans Asia offers a wide range of products in both news brief and analysis formats. Be it gauging and assessing political risk in regions that we focus on, or getting insightful and accurate investment conditions and environments, regulatory environments, prudential requirements, or broader economic and financial conditions and how these relate to the political economy of these regions, we have it all in user friendly and intelligible formats. We stand out in terms of our USP and the services that we offer. This is a great opportunity to find out why. Be the first to check us out and test our mettle, quality and effectiveness. The experience will be an enriching one.

Trans Asia Newstrack

  • News items highlighting the major stories of the day.
  • Puts out around 100 stories a day covering a variety of topics such as hard news, culture, business, entertainment, sports, science & technology and miscellaneous stories.

Trans Asia Photo Service

  • Providing news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and culture.

Asian Review of International Affairs (ARIA)

  • Provides readers with issue focused reports that explain the news rather than just report it.
  • This service analyses and comments economic, financial, political news.