Sriharikota : Indiainfo-icon scripted historyinfo-icon by succesfully launching EMISAT, a military satellite, and 28 foreign nano satellites on-board its polar rocket from here on Monday, in a complex mission which marked many a first for ISRO.

The rocket, PSLV-C45, in its 47th mission, injected the 436 kg EMISAT, aimed at electromagnetic measurement, and 28 co-passenger satellites belonging to Lithuania, Spaininfo-icon, Switzerlandinfo-icon and the USinfo-icon, into their designated orbits, ISRO said.

The rocket lifted off majestically in clear skies bursting orange flames at 9.27 am from the second launch pad at this spaceport at the end of the 27-hour countdown.

The mission marked several firsts to the credit of Indian Spaceinfo-icon Researchinfo-icon Organisation (ISRO) as it manoeuvred satellites in various orbits and orbital experiments including on maritime satellite applications. EMISAT is meant for electromagnetic measurement, ISRO said while declining to reveal any further information about the satellite.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO scientists on the successful launch of EMISAT satellite on board polar rocket PSLV-C45 from Sriharikota.

"Today, PSLV C45 has successfuly injected ISRO made EMISAT in 748 kms orbit as well as 28 customer satellites in 504 kms orbit," ISRO chief K. Sivan said at the Mission Control Centre. "After completing its main function, the PS4 (fourth stage) is now marching towards the 485 km orbit to do its function as orbital platform for experiments," he said. Elaborating, Dr Sivan said, "this time three innovative experiments have been attached. One is AMSAT (Radioinfo-icon Amateur Satellite Corporation, Automatic Identification System, and the third one is built by the students of IIST (Indian Institute of Space Scienceinfo-icon and Technologyinfo-icon.."

On Monday's launch, he said this particular mission was very special for ISRO as there were many firsts in it. "..first time a PSLV was flown in a new configuration of four strap on motors.. first time a PSLV is carrying out three orbital missions in a single flight, the first time PS4 (fourth stage) is powered for carrying out experimental platforms and of course a new PSLV team did this function," he said.

Noting that the industry played a major role in the PSLV-C45 mission, he said, nearly 95 per cent of the hardware for this mission was fabricated outside ISRO, that is industry. 

Indian Satellite Destruction Created 400 Pieces Of Debris, Endangering ISS: NASA

Meanwhile, The NASA on Tuesday termed as a "terrible thing" India's shooting down of one of its satellites that has created about 400 pieces of orbital debris, endangering the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said about 60 pieces have been tracked so far and out of which 24 are going above the apogee of the ISS.

 "That is a terrible, terrible thing to create an event that sends debris and an apogee that goes above the international space station. That kind of activity is not compatible with the future of human spaceflight that we need to see have happen," he said at a NASA townhall here.

"The ASAT test by India last week has resulted in about 400 pieces of orbital debris," he added.