ISLAMABAD: The members of the Iraninfo-icon-Pakistaninfo-icon Parliamentary Friendship Group discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations and the enhancing of parliamentary cooperation between the two countries at a meeting held on Monday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan, as two neighbouring countries, enjoy good relations and cooperation, and active parliamentary diplomacy prevails between the two countries.

Head of the Parliamentary Friendship Group of Iran and Pakistan in Majlis (Iranian Parliament) Ahmad Amirabadi-Farahani said that strengthening of ties between the two neighbouring states is in the region's interest.

During an exclusive interviewinfo-icon with IRNA soon after his arrival in Islamabad on Monday, he said continuity in the parliamentary visits between Iran and Pakistan has taken the bilateral ties to a new level.

Good efforts have been made for better relationship between the two governments and the two nations. The Parliamentary Friendship Group is active between the two countries, to which Chinainfo-icon has recently been added.

The representative of the people of Qom in Majlis said that thye parliamentary exchanges between the two neighbours and strengthening of these interactions will definitely expand the political, economic, trade, and border relations between the two countries.

The nations of Iran and Pakistan stand united against common enemies, Amirabadi-Farahani said, adding that further strengthening of Iran-Pakistan relations is in the interest of the region.

Considering the efforts of the enemies of peace in the region, including the Zionist regime's efforts for division and tension in the region, both neighbours can work closely to counter the conspiracies of the common enemies, he said.

There is a strong bond between Iran and Pakistan and the nations of the two countries will not allow conspiracies against common enemies, he said, adding that at the moment, some elements seem to be creating differences between the nations and governments of the region.

"We believe this trip will be very useful and the meetings we will have in Islamabad and Karachi will show deep ties between the two nations," he said.

Amirabadi-Farahani added that certainly, in this trip, the developments in the region, including the situation in Afghanistaninfo-icon, will be followed and taken into consideration.

Relations between the parliaments and governments of Iran and Pakistan have led to a good consensus and exchange of views on Afghanistan, he said and expressed the hope that any positive change that is going to happen will definitely benefit the nations of the region, as well as Iran and Pakistan.

Amirabadi-Farahani also said that increasing the official crossings of the two countries and developing neighbouring border provinces are important issues that are always pursued by the friendship group.

He stressed that he expected during this visit, in addition to the meetings with Pakistani officials, bilateral relations and joint interactions would increase and grow.

Iran and Pakistan should be more in touch in border areas. There is also a constructive and important interaction between the high-ranking military officials of the two neighbouring countries, and in future, "we will see important exchanges in this regard between Iran and Pakistan", he said.

The chairman and members of the Iran-Pakistan Friendship Group are scheduled to meet with the chairman and members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, as well as with the deputy speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan during their visit.

Meeting with the interior minister of Pakistan, National Assembly speaker, chairman of the Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group in the Senate and meeting with the chairman and members of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate of Pakistan are also scheduled.

Earlier, the delegation arrived in Pakistan on the invitation of Navid Qamar, the head of Pakistan's Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, to discuss strengthening of parliamentary relations and cooperation.

Iran's Ambassador to Pakistan and Pakistani minister Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dreshak welcomed the Iranian delegation at the Islamabad International Airport.

Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship delegations headed by Ahamad Amirabadi will have meetings with the chairs of Pakistan's National Assembly and Senate, members of Pakistani parliamentary friendship group, as well as several Pakistani government officials.

Iran and Pakistan parliamentary friendship groups will then pay a visit to Karachi, to meet state officials.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri is also visiting Pakistan on Tuesday for talks with the senior military and political authorities of the neighbouring state.

Heading a high-ranking military delegation, Major General Baqeri will travelinfo-icon to Pakistan on October 12 at the formal invitation of Chief of the Armyinfo-icon Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

In an effort to strengthen the Islamic Republic's military-defence diplomacy, the senior Iranian general is scheduled to hold meetings with top Pakistani political, military and security officials.

During his official visit to Islamabad, Major General Baqeri will hold meetings with Pakistan's prime minister, Army commander-in-chief, Chief of the Army Staff, and a number of other military authorities.

The Iranian military delegation is also planned to travel to Karachi to visit the neighbouring country's military and naval bases.