SRINAGAR--The Eid message by Iraninfo-icon's Supreme Leader asking for explicit support for the struggling people of Kashmirinfo-icon, alongside those of Palestineinfo-icon, Yemeninfo-icon and Bahraininfo-icon, has been widely hailed in Kashmir. 

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei Monday equated the on-going Kashmir conflictinfo-icon with that of Yemen and Bahrain saying that the Musliminfo-icon worldinfo-icon must express their disdain against 'oppressors' who have attacked people in such horrible ways even during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, Chairman of the moderate faction of the Hurriyat Conference expressed his gratitude to Iran's Supreme Leader for rallying behind Kashmiri struggle.

"Welcome & appreciate the statement of @khamenei_ir calling on the Muslim world to support the just freedom struggle of the people of #Kashmir," tweeted Mirwaiz, who also serves as Chief Priest of Kashmir.

"Conflicts in Yemen, Bahrain, problems in all Islamic countries, are major wounds on the body of Islam. The World of Islam should explicitly support the people of Yemen, and express their disdain against the oppressors who've attacked the people in such horrible ways during the month of Ramadan... The same is true for the people of Bahrain and Kashmir," the website associated with the office of the Supreme Leader,, reported.

Advising Muslim nations to take a clear stance on issues in the Muslim world, Ayatollah Khameneiinfo-icon reportedly said it was important to do so even if it resulted in dissatisfaction of 'arrogant powers'.

"Just as we explicitly express our position against enemies and adversaries, the world of Islam -- especially the elites in it -- should follow this path and take a position towards seeking to please God, absolutely, even if it leads to dissatisfaction of the arrogant front,"  Iran's Supreme Leader said.

Reacting to the statement, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik said, "We welcome the statement of Imam Khamenei and it's very important that the people at the helm of affairs in Iran follow it by letter and spirit."

Senior Kashmiri leader Shabir Ahmad Shah said that Iran's support for Kashmir cause has always been there and Tehraninfo-icon has time and again offered to act as mediator to solve this vexed problem. "Iran has an important role in South Asiainfo-icon and they have to continue their efforts to solve this issue as per the wishes of Kashmiris", Shabir Shah, who is president of Democratic Freedom Party said. According to Shabir Shah Iran was following Holy Quran in 'letter and spirit' as the holy book has asked believers to side with the oppressed people. One such example, Shah said was commemoration of Al-Quds Dayinfo-icon in Iran.

According to senior Hurriyat leader and President of Ittihadul Muslimeen party, Maulana Masroor Abbass Ansari Iran has always stood with the oppressed people and their support for Kashmir is everlasting. He further urged Pakistaninfo-icon to get more close to Iran to solve the long lingering Kashmir conflct with Indiainfo-icon as per the wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

Chairperson of National Peoples Party, Syed Salim Geelani hailing the statement of Ayatollah Khamanai stated that Iranian revolution has rekindled the spirit of resistance among the people of Kashmir, especially among the new generation. He further commented, "The spiritual lifestyleinfo-icon of Imam Khomeini has set an example for struggling people the world over and gives new impetus to resistance movements. He thanked Ayatollah Khamanai for keeping the principles of Imam Khomeini alive by standing against the oppressors and arrogant powers.

According to Gowhar Geelani, a distinguished Political Analyst, the statement of Supreme Leader is bold, mature and timely. "Iran has always stood against the might of United Statesinfo-icon and has supported subjugated, marginalised, disadvantaged people all over the world," Gowhar said and added, Iran has historically sided with the oppressed and supported people who are in distress. "In this context it is very bold, mature and timely statement which would be welcomed by many people in Kashmir".

Lawyer and activist, Babar Qadri believes that Iran's explicit support could be a great omen for struggle of Kashmiri people.  Qadri, who is President of 'Lawyers Club Kashmir', urged Iranian government to act upon the recommendations of the leader and reach out to the people of Kashmir irrespective of ideological and sectarian considerations. He further said, 'Lawyers Club' believes that Kashmiri people have deep love for the Iranian culture as Kashmir has borrowed most of its good things from the Iranian civilization".