Tel Aviv: An Israeli F-35 fighter pilot was fined 500 shekels ($150) Thursday for exceeding the speed limit over central Israelinfo-icon this week, causing several sonic booms that shook windows and frightened civilians.

The sonic booms shook the Tel Aviv metropolitan area several times on Tuesday that frightened civilians and made many wonder if explosives have gone off, Haaretz newspaper reported on Friday.

Though many suspected the reason was indeed sonic booms, the Israeli armyinfo-icon responded hours later, saying that the issue was being investigated.

"The sonic boom was created by exceeding the speed limit as well as weather conditions," IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in a statement Thursday.  "When the pilot realized he had surpassed [the speed limit], he immediately decreased the speed and continued with the training. The issue has been investigated and the pilot has been disciplined," the statement added, according to the Haaretz.