A Saudi criminal courtinfo-icon on Sunday sentenced former Hamas representative Mohammed Al-Khudari to 15 years in prison on charges of supporting the Palestinian group, according to his brother.

Abdel-Majed Al-Khudari told Anadolu Agencyinfo-icon that the court reduced his brother's sentence by half.

His son Hani Al-Khudari was also sentenced to three years in prison, he added.

Khader Mashayekh, the head of a committee tasked with following the affairs of Jordanian detainees in Saudi Arabiainfo-icon, confirmed the jail sentence against Al-Khudari.

Saudi authorities have yet to confirm the verdict.

According to Hamas, Saudi authorities have arrested 60 group members and sympathizers, including Al-Khudari.

Riyadh has declined to comment on the issue, only saying that the detainees are enjoying their rights enshrined in law.

There was no comment from Hamas on Sunday's verdict.

In February, Amnesty Internationalinfo-icon said Al-Khudari, 83, had undergone surgery and was being treated for prostate cancer when the Saudi authorities arrested him and his son on April 4, 2019.

The London-based rights group called on the Saudi king to ensure that "unfounded charges" against Al-Khudari and his son are dropped and that they are released.