The United Statesinfo-icon has dropped the word "occupied" in describing the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights paving the way for furtherance of the Israeli regime.

The State Department changed its usual description of the Golan Heights from "Israeli-occupied" to "Israeli-controlled" in an annual global human rightsinfo-icon report released on Wednesday.

Israelinfo-icon has been lobbying the administration of USinfo-icon President Donald Trumpinfo-icon to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which it effectively annexed in 1981.

Tel Aviv claims the Syrian Golan Heights, which Israeli forces captured in a 1967, is critical to its security.

However, the United Nationsinfo-icon emphasizes Syriainfo-icon's sovereignty in the territory.

The General Assembly adopted a resolution in favor of Syria's sovereignty over the entirety of the Golan Heights.

A separate section on the West Bank and Gazainfo-icon Strip, areas that Israel captured along with the Golan Heights in 1967, also did not refer to those territories as being "occupied" or under "occupation."

Any change in US language and terminology in regard to the West Bank and Gaza Strip is a cause of concern to Muslims and reflects Washington's intentions about supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state envisaged by interim peace agreements in the 1990s.

Analysts believe, the Trump administration is turning its back on Palestinians and its international obligations towards the establishment of a Palestinian state, to further serve and defend Israel's interests. 

US President Donald Trump lacks control over his government, which is serving the interests of Israel, an American political commentator says.

In an interviewinfo-icon with Press TVinfo-icon, American political analyst, Mark Glenn, said the neoconservatives in the Trump administration want a greater Israel and pursue furtherance of the Israeli empire.

Former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul said in an interview that neoconservatives had taken over US foreign policyinfo-icon.