Beirut: A Saudi prince says Crown Prince of Abu Dhabiinfo-icon Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, through close coordination with Jordanian King Abdullah II and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, facilitated the escape of the Dubai ruler's wife from the United Arab Emiratesinfo-icon.

An unnamed diplomatic source told Lebanoninfo-icon's Arabic-language al-Akhbar newspaper on Thursday that the Saudi prince, whose identity was not immediately available, was fully aware of Princess Haya bint Al Hussein's decision to flee the Persian Gulfinfo-icon kingdom with her son Zayed, 7, and 11-year-old daughter Al Jalila and abandon her 15-year old marriage.

45-year-old Princess Haya fled to London with her two children and now reportedly is hiding out with them in a $100 million home in a posh west London neighborhood on a street known as Billionaires' Row. Princess who has reportedly sought asylum in the UKinfo-icon has filed for divorce in Britaininfo-icon's high courtinfo-icon.

The princess is one of the Dubai ruler's six wives and the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordaninfo-icon.

The source added that the Abu Dhabi strongman had coordinated the escape with the Jordanian monarch. Special operation forces, supervised by bin Salam, then undertook the task.

The source further highlighted that King Abdullah II lately paid a visit to Abu Dhabi, where he held an hours-long meeting with Al Nahyan.

The Jordanian ruler, however, did not travelinfo-icon to the neighboring emirate of Dubai to visit the husband of her half sister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The move has apparently raised eyebrows among regional political pundits and pointed to cracks in ties between Jordan and Dubai.

The source also asserted that Al Nahyan had assisted the Dubai ruler's daughter Princess Latifa bint Mohammed Maktoum, 33, to escape last year before being captured on a boat off the Indian coast.

Human rightsinfo-icon groups claim she is being held in captivity in Dubai.

"Whenever someone applies for political asylum, obviously, it is because their lives are in danger, and because they have suffered severe abuses and violations of their human rights," Radha Stirling, chief executive of watchdog Detained in Dubai, said of Princess Haya's case.

She added, "We already know that Princess Latifa, Sheikh Mohammed's daughter, fled the UAEinfo-icon seeking asylum and alleging unspeakable abuseinfo-icon at the hands of her father.

"Now, it seems, Princess Haya, Sheikh Mohammed's wife, has also fled the country and sought refuge in Germanyinfo-icon."

Stirling noted that there are now "serious questions" about what prompted Princess Haya to flee.