Kabul:  Reports had circulated all week that the Taliban would swear in their new government on September 11, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the United Statesinfo-icon, but the day unfolded without formal recognition.

Mediainfo-icon reports had even suggested that invitations have already been rolled out to neighbouring countries. Many felt the oath taking on the 9/11 anniversary meant rubbing salt on the USinfo-icon' wounds.

However, on Saturday media reports suggested that Taliban cancelled the inauguration ceremony of their newly formed interim government after being pressurised against it by allies from Dohainfo-icon, Russiainfo-icon's TASS news agency reported.

Another report suggested that the Taliban decided to cancel the swearing-in ceremony in order to avoid 'wasting resources and money'.

"The inauguration ceremony of the new Afghan government was cancelled a few days ago. In order not to confuse people further, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate announced the part of the Cabinet, and it has already started to work," Inamullah Samangani, a member of the Afghan government's cultural commission, said in a tweet.

For the inaugural ceremony, the Taliban had invited Russia, Iraninfo-icon, Chinainfo-icon, Qatarinfo-icon and Pakistaninfo-icon to take part in the event. However, Moscowinfo-icon reportedly informed Qatar, the go-between for Western nations and the new Kabul government, that it would not participate in the event.

As per latest report, the US and its Nato allies were also pressuring the Qatari government to advise the Taliban against holding an inauguration celebration, as it would come off as "inhuman".

It must be noted that the Taliban on Tuesday had announced an interim government in Afghanistaninfo-icon, including key ministerial figures.


"This is a day for Americainfo-icon, not for Afghanistan," said Muhammad Alzoad, a bank clerk.

"This was nothing to do with Afghanistan, but it made us suffer."

The attacks against the United States were planned by Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, who had taken refuge in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power in 1996.

When the Taliban refused to hand him over, the US led a massive invasion and installed a new government that became utterly dependent on Western aid and support for survival.