A British man on Wednesday confessed to stabbing his mother to death after an argument over the amount of milk in a cup of tea he made for her, Mail Online reported.

Thomas Westwood knifed his mother 17 times at her residence in Coventry on December 1 last year.

Susan Westwood, 68, suffered fatal injuries in the attack.

The unemployed killer, a Coventry resident, was taken into custody after police officers were called to the home.

The 46-year-old claimed his mother had been bullying him every day and had initiated the knife attack. He described her attacking him with the knife first.

He told police that the incident began after he made a cup of tea for his mother which was 'not milky enough'.

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"We as a family have been left devastated and heartbroken at the loss of Susan," Susan's family said.

"She was a loving mum, nan, sister, auntie and friend who will be missed so much. She was a kind, funny, generous warm loving person.

She did not deserve to lose her life in the most cruelest of ways," the statement reads.

"To lose someone in your life is bad enough, but for Susan to be killed by someone she loved and supported endlessly is the cruellest blow. Someone she trusted and loved. This is beyond our comprehension," the family said.